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Coming very soon X3

Please understand that many of the characters will be withheld until we have reached that point in the series.

Name: Toshi
Parents: Allen & Izumi
Age: 16

Toshi was born with a twin sister who unfortunantly died during birth and was still born. A few days after Toshi was born his parents noticed his abnormally dark shadow, and the fact that he had no reflection in any mirror or reflective surface. Being quite normal people (if not extremely rich people) who never encountered strange things, his parents freaked. Since then, there has been no mirrors or uncurtained windows in Toshi's house.

Toshi's childhood was pretty horrific; his mother refused to look at him for fear of seeing her lost daughter (who she believed cursed Toshi with no reflection and a dark shadow for revenge because he lived and she didn't) and his father was barely ever home, prefering to embrace his work with his whole being so he wouldn't have to face any hurt. Toshi grew up on his own, and has been on his own ever since. He has no friends, is always extremely anti social and can be quite depressive and angsty. He is also quite self absorbed, and tends not to notice things about other people easily.

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